Adolescent Counseling and TherapyOur interventions are strength-based and solution focused. We use an eclectic approach drawing on a number of modalities including Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT), Solution Based Therapy, EMDR, and Art Therapy.

CBT is an effective treatment for children and adolescents.  It helps improve a child's moods, anxiety and behavior by examining confused or distorted patterns of thinking. CBT helps teach children that thoughts cause feelings and moods which can influence behavior. During CBT, a child learns to identify harmful thought patterns. The child can then replace this thinking with thoughts that result in more appropriate feelings and behaviors.

Self harming behaviors can be scary for both the child and the parent.  We treat clients who self harm by helping them to understand the reasons leading to the self harm, focusing on replacing the self harm with positive coping skills and developing  a plan to stay safe.  Cutting is a symptom that points to an underlying issue that needs attention. Through listening and guidance clients are able to identify the problems that are leading to self harm and develop healthier more effective ways to process and cope with overwhelming and confusing feelings.  Early detection and intervention is helpful.  For more information on self harm and cutting visit

We address a wide range of issues with preadolescents and adolescents such as:

  • Trauma and victimization to rebuild a sense of self-worth and self-empowerment
  • Substance use by establishing sobriety and developing coping skills
  • Anger, impulse control, depression, anxiety and stress, conflict resolution and general self-management by developing positive coping skills
  • Enhancing family relationships through increased communication
  • Assessing peer relations and social problem issues
  • Sexually maladaptive behaviors and acting out
  • Self-injury/Self Harm/Cutting